Build Your Own Hamper


How to make a hamper:
1. Add this hamper base to your shopping basket.
(Choose Colours of Tissue/Shred Below)
2. Add some products to your shopping basket.
3. Checkout and we'll send you a beautiful hamper

Natural bamboo hamper basket lined with tissue paper and filled with shredded paper to support soaps and bath bombs of your choosing. This will create an amazing gift hamper. We will shrink wrap your personalised hamper and pack it safely into a box. The hamper basket is 34 X 21 cm. To make a hamper look full, but not overcrowded, the ideal number of products is: 4 bath bombs, 3 slices of soap and a set of bath confetti soap flowers. Of course you are free to do as you please but bear in mind that a hamper basket cannot feasibly hold more than 10 products (excluding small flower/heart soaps).

Choose the colour of your hamper

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