Volcanic Foot Stone – Oval Shape


Scrub your rough skin smooth with our Oval Volcanic Lava Foot Stones! They’re easy to hold, extremely light weight and 100% natural. The stones are formed when molten lava hardens as it meets water. The use of pumice stone for removal of dead skin is very common throughout the world. For many people the heels and sides of your feet tend to thicken and harden. A pumice stone can help to remove these dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

Simply soak the calloused skin in warm water for about 5 minutes to allow the water to penetrate and soften the skin. Some people may need a little longer so do allow a longer soak and warmer water if necessary. Thoroughly wet your lava stone before use to ensure comfortable exfoliation. Use the stone to gently rub the calloused area in a circular motion and, providing the skin is soft enough, the dry excess skin will effortlessly come away. Keep working until are left with soft, supple skin. Remember light pressure is all you need, the stone will do the rest.

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