Exfoliating Glove – Green


Exfoliating is made fun and easy with this light weight green exfoliation glove. It will gently massage your skin to remove any dead skin cells and dirt helping your skin stay smooth and toned with a healthy glow.

To use your exfoliation glove simply put on and wet with warm water. Add soap to your glove by rubbing the soap bar on the palm of the glove until lathered. In a circular motion, gently massage your skin with the gloves whilst rinsing the gloves to wash away any dead skin and dirt. Add more soap and exfoliate as needed. Remember to apply light pressure and let the gloves do the work. We recommend exfoliating only once or twice a week. Over exfoliation can cause significant skin irritation, If redness occurs stop using the gloves and wait for your skin to recover before attempting to exfoliate again.

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