About Us

Founded in 2016, we are a new family-run business that supplies handmade soaps and bath bombs from sources all around the world. We continually strive to find the highest quality handmade soaps, bath bombs and accessories so we can bring our customers exciting, yet natural, paraben free bathroom treats.

Soaprise.me is run by a team of just 5 employees; Ali, Jack, Shelby, Spike and Stuart. As a small team we are able to respond quickly to changing customer needs and sign off changes within the business without the hold up of large marketing/branding departments. If there is something you would like us to change, or a new product you would like us to consider adding, simply drop us an email! We read every customer email and discuss all suggestions internally on a regular basis. As well as our own beliefs we also care about you, our customers, and what you think of our products and service. If you didn’t like something we would love to hear about it as this provides us with an opportunity to improve and learn.

Natural Is Best

We believe that natural is best and mother earth comes first. We have therefore spent much time learning about ingredients and the various soap manufacturing processes. We are using this knowledge to constantly change and evolve our product range to conform to our own expectations in terms of using of animal-friendly, eco-friendly, natural ingredients.

We do not test products on animals. We do not buy from suppliers that test products on animals.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our business and please send any questions or suggestions to hello@soaprise.me

Love from everyone @ Soaprise.me!